Why Vaxel

Vaxel has several meanings. Let’s start with the one that first inspired me back in 2013 while I was running an M&A deal among three IT players to consolidate them under one single company. One day, driving my car, Vaxel arose in my mind as a perfect fit for the current transaction’s alias just because I felt Vaxel sounded pretty good. Yes, that simple!

Even before suggesting using this name as the transaction alias I had a second thought and decided to keep the name to use in something much more unique. Three years later I founded Vaxel as an M&A boutique focused on off-market deals.

During the branding phase in 2016 I came up with the tagline: Value and Excellence to Go Big. Since then we start positioning Vaxel as the contraction of the words Value and Excellence.

Six months and several sell-side mandates later, I realized that I couldn’t support Vaxel’s clients in the Vaxel way, so we pivoted our business model to carve out a global private equity firm out of a local M&A boutique.

Last but not least, another meaning for Vaxel came up. Växel is a Swedish word meaning change in English.

We don’t believe in coincidence. We believe in God and our trust lies in his mighty hands, driving every little thing we do in our company.

We long to find, connect and team up with incredible entrepreneurs and executives passionate to improve people’s welfare across the world.

We stand for the long run. Join us in this life-changing endeavor!

Eduardo A. Bomfim Jr.
Vaxel Partners
Capital Minded. People Driven

Capital Minded. People Driven

Carving out a footprint of ongoing improvement wherever we are.

As a Private Equity firm, capital is our raw material, but yet we are driven by the will of improving people’s welfare across the world.

We long for outstanding, thoughtful and inspirational leaders to team up with us.

Join us on a game-changing journey to build influential organizations through leaders committed to empowering other leaders to achieve furious results.

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VAXEL – Av. Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek, 2.041, Torre B – 5º andar, CEP: 04543-011, São Paulo, SP, Brasil – +55 (11) 2844-8598